n0thing reveals how he was approached to fix CS:GO matches

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  In fact, he and his compLexity teammates were often presented with ‘offers’ through regular messages. However, as the former pro revealed, they never seemed overly serious and he was never quite sure if a throw attempt had been proposed to him.

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  “I feel like I got approached but I feel like if I said it, they wouldn’t say that it was a real approach,” n0thing told Richard Lewis during the Dexerto Talk Show. Explaining what would happen when he received the messages, he continued: “People would crack jokes and be like ‘hey man, we can probably make like 20 grand right now or something for this match not really lol’ and then they wouldn’t say anything else.”

  “I was like, I feel like if I didn’t say lol right there, something else would have been transcribed there,” n0thing added, before revealing that he wasn’t alone in receiving offers. “I had heard that from a couple of other people - my teammates at the time would get the same message and we’d just laugh about it and be like ‘my gosh, I think that wasn’t a joke.’

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