Yoyo Competitions Explained

The name for the audience of tricks where the player’s only contact the actual use of yoyo string is on one side where it is tied in a loop inside of the finger.

String Tricks

The name for the group of tricks where the player touches the yoyo string at multiple points with one hands, using their fingers to switch the shape of the string during tricks.


Single-A play (one yoyo only) where the performance is put together by linking tricks and combinations of tricks together in one smooth, unbroken progression.

Off string

Performing tricks along with a types of yoyo that isn’t connected to its string.


A style of yoyo play hits the mark is string is stuck just using a small counterweight rather than being attached to the player’s finger.


A version of freehand play utilizing a counterweight that costs nothing to slide during the string rather than being tied towards end.


An advanced trick style where the finger loop of your yoyo string is opened up and used to perform tricks.

Categories of competition yoyo play

Single A

Each competitor performs a combination of tricks linked together in one smooth, fluid series. Each competitor is in order to use one yoyo only.

Double A

Similar to Single A but the ball player uses two yoyos and primarily does looping tricks.

Triple A

Similar to Single A but the player uses two yoyos and primarily does string tricks.

4A / Off-String

As selected suggest, in this competition format the yoyo is not connected to the string. The yo is thrown up and caught on the string in route back down, a trick is performed and then the string is thrown into the yoyo gap allowing the yo staying wound back off.

5A / Counterweight division

This competition category involves tying a smaller counterweight for the end from the yoyo string rather than attaching it to the player’s quick.

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